Doing Company cassava starch extraction rate > 94%

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Recently, Doing Machinery improved the starch extraction machine design technology to make sure the cassava starch yield reach to more than 94%, this meaned that to make one ton starch just cost 4 ton cassava. After develop, our technology of starch extraction and production is no less than that of Europe.

cassava starch extraction machineCassava starch extraction machine

For the potato, sweet potato, and cassava starch extraction, the production process is similar, except the cleaning machine, other main machine adopted include the rasping machine, centrifugal sieve, fine fiber sieve, desanding machine, hydrocyclone, vacuum filter, flash dryer and starch sieving machine. This insist the one complete set of potato /sweet potato /cassava starch production line which is the most popular and most advanced technology for starch extraction. To guarantee the high yield and high quality, these machines all details design has been developed, below is the divided description of our new type machine(adopt cassava as example):

cassava starch crushing machineRasper details

1. Rasping machine: used for raw material crushing to get starch slurry, different with the traditional hammer type or knife type crusher, this rasping machine can fully destroy the cassava cell wall and the fiber, free the starch which is combined in the cell wall and fiber entirely. High crushing rate and high speed to transfer the combined starch to free starch, because of many starch was locked in the cell, this rasping machine adopted can fully free the starch, which is important to improve the starch yield.

2. Centrifugal sieve: it's screen mesh aperture more fine than before, high speed and longer time for the starch slurry and cassava residue seperating, resonable progression make the extraction rate of starch is higher and extraction starch is least in cassava residue. For another, compared with the previous trapezoid belt, our new technology design adopt the tooth belt which can fully cover the bearing can get long service life and large transmission coefficient. And our centrifuge sieve working is a cyclic process, highly improve the starch slurry washing effect.

cassava starch production machineStarch slurry seperating machine

3. Fine fiber sieve: Weave a web of warp and weft in shape and slender hole, different with the centrifugal sieve, this is the low speed sieving, guarantee the small fine fiber sieve, because the rasping machine crushing effect is better,there are more fine fiber, so this design fine fiber sieve can make sure to remove the little fiber and other small impurities.

It's worth to say that our centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve all equipped with the back flush system, make sure the screen is not blocked, then guarantee the whole starch production is continuously. This back flush system is automatic control, save water.

4. Hydrocyclone: this hydrocyclone station function is for starch slurry washing, concentrating and recovering, each degree have its own function, the front stages of the hydrocyclone station can drain the non-starch liquid and recycle liquid containing small amounts of starch, avoid the starch loss, then flow stages can washing and concentrating the starch slurry to get clean starch liquid. Compared with the disc separator, the full hydrocyclone process can guarantee the continuity of the starch production.

cassava starch dewatering machineDOING vacuum filter for starch dewater

5. Dewatering process: it's working principle is adopt negative pressure vacuum pump to drain water then the starch can attached to the outer wall of the vacuum filter then discharge by the scrape, the water collected in this dewatering section can be transferred to the front section, save water, at the same time, prevent starch loss. After this process, we can get the wet starch moisture about 38%.

On the other side, during the starch process, we adopted the closed transfer tank to prevent the starch from air, make sure the starch no oxidation, keep the starch whiteness and quality. Our machine all equips with optibelt and SKF bearings, the starch production line adopts a fully closed system, which does not touch the air and the materials are not oxidized to ensure the whiteness of starch. No chemicals are added in the production process by our technology, no harmful substances are produced, and the starch products meet European health standards.

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