Congratulations!Nigerian client ordered a cassava chipping machine

06-24,2022 / Enterprise news / Chat online / Leave a message

On June 17th, 2022, a Nigerian client ordered a cassava chipping machine from Henan Jinrui. Cassava chipping machine is used to cut cassava into slices to make animal feed.

The client called Henan Jinrui to say that he wanted to buy a cassava chipping machine. After inquiring about the output of the client, the sales staff of Henan Jinrui sent the client a video of the operation of the best-selling cassava chipping machine. The client was very satisfied with the effect of the slicer machine and wanted to place an order immediately. So the sales staff of Henan Jinrui told the client that because there is a discount on the price of the cassava chipping machine now, many clients call to inquire, and there is only one left in the warehouse. The client was so excited to hear the news that he decided to place an order on the same day.

cassava chipping machineThe hot-selling cassava slicer machine ordered by client

Considering that the client is eager to put into production, the slicer will be sent directly from the overseas warehouse of Henan Jinrui Nigeria. According to our past experience, the cassava chipping machine purchased by the customer will be commissioned and packaged within five days, and will be shipped to Abuja, Nigeria.

The Nigerian government has issued a policy to support the development of the cassava processing industry, so the domestic cassava development business in Nigeria is hot and can bring great profits to investors. It is precisely because of this favorable factor that our client wants to buy a cassava chipping machine in a hurry. So why don’t you try the cassava processing industry? If you want to start a cassava processing business, please feel free to contact us!

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