Thailand cassava starch production experience

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Cassava starch technology means the cassava starch processing contain the high efficiency cassava cleaning, cassava fully crushing technolgy, starch slurry seperating technology, starch slurry washing technology, starch dewatering and drying technology, it is a complete cassava starch production process. Now, the advanced cassava starch technology can guarantee the cassava starch extraction rate reach to more than 94%, four ton cassava can extract 1 ton starch, large improved starch extraction rate than before. In the global market, Thai cassava starch is popular, cassava starch technology the thai experience has received much attention.

cassava starch processing plantThailand cassava starch production plant

Thailand cassava starch production experience overview:

The cassava starch processing industry in Thailand began more than 50 years ago and developed rapidly in the 1990s, when trade restrictions drastically reduced the use of Thai dried cassava chips for livestock feed in the European market. At that time, Thai cassava starch processing industry development guarantees Thailand’s economic income.

The core of the Thai government's plan to promote cassava starch production is the introduction of higher-yielding cassava varieties cultivated from hybrids of indigenous and Latin American germplasm. By 1996, the improved cassava cultivation area had reached 380,000 hectares, or one-third of the cassava cultivation area in the country, and the current root yield was as high as 20 tons per hectare. Thailand now uses about 50% of its cassava root production, about 18 million tons, to extract about 2 million tons of starch. Half of them supply domestic food and non-food industries, while the rest are exported, mainly to Japan and Taiwan. We can see the raw material-cassava quality also an important part for cassava starch technology the thai experience. Better cassava quality, better starch quality and higher starch extraction rate. For another, Thailand also developing a new market for its starch – biofuels extracted from cassava.

cassava starch productionCassava planting in Thailand

As the third largest cassava cultivation area in the world, cassava is one of its important economic crops. In Thailand, there are about 600,000 households that cultivate cassava annually. More than 2 million farmers across the country use cassava as their main source of income. Cassava is produced in the cassava processing industry. There are more than 1 million employees in the country, accounting for about one-sixth of Thailand's total population. The production and processing of cassava is one of the important sources of Thailand’s foreign exchange for export. Cassava starch technology the thai experience also has been a good example for other countries learning. Thailand can produce fresh 16 to 19 million tons of cassava each year. Half of it is used to produce cassava chips and cassava grains. The remaining cassava starch is processed into cassava starch and tapioca starch. Deep-processed products, domestic use of cassava products accounted for about 40% of its total production, 60% for export. Thailand is the world's largest exporter of cassava products, with exports reaching more than 80% of the world's total exports of cassava products, generating more than US$500 million annually, learn cassava starch technology the thai experience have an important significance for the cassava planting area. China, EU, Japan, China Taiwan is the main import area of Thai tapioca starch.

cassava starch machine manufacturerThailand customer visited DOING

“Thailand has demonstrated the goals that can be achieved through the use of cheap labor, low-cost transport and efficient sales of products,” said FAO's Nebambi Lutaradio. “If more countries view cassava as a strategic and basic product of industry, it will contribute to the development of their food, agriculture and industry sectors and promote rural and urban employment.” FAO believes that global and domestic In the starch market, the key to the future of cassava processing is the improvement of efficiency and quality as well as the reduction of cassava starch production costs. These cassava-growing countries in Africa and Latin America need to learn from the cassava starch technology the thai experience to find a successful model for the development of the cassava starch industry. We also have cooperation with Thailand cassava starch production plant, and we are professional for cassava starch machine manufacturer, welcome to visit our company.

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