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The introduction of the dry sieve

The dry sieve is a machine widely used in the cleaning processing in the starch production industry. It can be used in the production of potato starch, sweet potato starch, cassava starch and others. The main function of the dry sieve is to effectively remove the dirt, sand, small stone and other attached impurities of sweet potato, potato, cassava and other potato materials. As a extensively used cassava processing machine, dry sieve is normally used in the first step in cassava production line. The tubers of raw material is transported into the dry sieve drum, when the drum rotates in the shell, the friction will be produced not only between the tuber materials but also between tuber material and drum. By the effect of the friction, the sand, mud and small stones of the raw materials are removed. This is the main cassava processing machine before raw material enters into next machine to further processing.

cassava processing machineDry sieve

The working principle of dry sieve

The working principle of dry sieve is quite simple. It mainly utilizes the friction and collision of the raw material and the machine. When raw materials enter into the dry sieve, they will rotate and move forward under the push of this cassava processing machine. In the process of rolling, collision and friction, the sand, dirt and small stones which is attached on the surface of the raw material will be wiped away effectively. The mud, sand and other impurities fall into the mud bucket through the gap between the bars of the cage and is discharged regularly. While the material removed from the soil is discharged into the next equipment from the feed inlet of the inner surface of the dry sieve.

The technical parameters of DOING dry sieve

Model Capacity(t/h) Cage Diameter(mm) Speed(r/min) Roller Length(mm) Power(kw) Dimension(m) Weight(kg)
DYGS100 10-15 Φ1000 18 4000 5.5 4.0*2.2*1.5 2800
DYGS140 20-30 Φ1400 18 6000 11 6.0*2.35*1.78 3500

cassava processing machine design drawingCassava cleaning section design

The advantages of this cassava processing machine

1.The dry sieve is designed with reasonable rotating speed which ensures the material fully cleaned but free from damage.

2.The low breakage of the raw material is conducive to the extraction of the starch.

3.The simple structure of this machine make it easy to maintain.

4.The large capacity of this machine can save labors for the enterprise.

5.This is a low power consumption machine which is a good choice for enterprise. 

6.This is a machine cover only a small area.

cassava processing machineDry sieve for cassava washing process

The main features of DOING dry sieve

1.The dry sieve is designed with multiple inner spirals which can automatically and effectively push the raw cassava forward.

2.This cassava processing machine moves at a stable and reliable moving speed which can effectively prevent the raw cassava from damage.

3.Doing Company can adjust the appropriate parameters of the dry sieve based on raw material features and customer demand.

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