Cassava starch production line

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Cassava starch is a cassava deep processing product which is widely used as raw materials in food, sugar, medicine, feed, textile, paper, chemical and other industrial sectors. But how cassava starch is made? Doing Company as a cassava deep processing machine manufacturer, through investigation, analysis, research and practice, we have summed up a set of cassava starch production technology suitable for China's production technical conditions, and completed a complete set of domestic advanced cassava starch production line.

The entire cassava starch production line can be divided into the following section:

Pretreatment of raw material-extraction of cassava starch-separating and desanding of cassava starch-concentration and refining of cassava starch-cassava starch dewatering-cassava starch drying and packing

Cassava starch production lineCassava starch production line

1. Pretreatment of raw material

The pretreatment of raw material includes the raw material receiving, cleaning and washing section:

a. raw material receiving section : Raw materials are the material basis of cassava starch production line. The quality of raw materials is directly related to the quality of products. Therefore it will be better to choose high quality raw cassava without damage.

b. cleaning and washing section: The purpose of cleaning and washing is to wash raw cassava roots thorough multiple stage cleaning and washing process so as to fully wash the dirt, soil, sand and other skin sediment. Thus it can improve the purity of the raw material, and facilitate the next process in cassava starch production line. And the widely used machine for this section is dry sieve and paddle washing machine. The main features of these machine are low water and power consumption, large capacity and easy handling.

2.Extraction of cassava starch

This is the most important procedure in cassava starch production line. The main purpose of this section is mainly for grate the cassava into starch slurry so as to release the starch in the cell of cassava. The grating rate determines the starch extraction rate and the end products yield. The higher the grating rate, the higher starch extraction rate. Rasper is widely used grating machine for starch extraction. DOING rasper adopts international advanced technology which features with high breaking rate and high starch extraction rate.

cassava starch processing machineCassava grater

3. Separating and desanding of cassava starch

a. separating section: In cassava starch production line, separating is mainly for the separation of fiber and starch slurry. The centrifuge sieve is mainly used starch separation machine which takes use of high speed centrifugal force to remove fibers. And multi-stage centrifuge sieve is adopted for better separating effect. Then the starch slurry enters into fine fiber sieve for further separating fine fibers.

b. desanding section: After the separating section, the starch slurry still contains sand which need to be removed by desander machine. The function of desander in cassava starch production line is to fully remove the fine impurities in starch so as to ensure the taste and quality of starch.

4. Concentration and refining of cassava starch

Instead of traditional precipitation process, the concentration and refining process can separate non-starch substances with high efficiency, thus to improve the quality and whiteness of cassava starch. And hydrocyclone station is the widely used machine in cassava starch production line for this purpose. Hydrocyclone station can effectively separate non-starch substances such as protein, fiber and cell sap in starch.

Cassava starch processing machineCassava starch dewatering machine

5. Cassava starch dewatering

In the cassava starch production line, the main function of this section is to dewater the refined starch. Due to the high water content of refined starch, it need to be dewatered in peeler centrifuge so as to reach the desired quality for the next drying section. As a high efficient machine, peeler centrifuge has the features of high dehydration rate, energy saving and stable operation.

6. Cassava starch drying and packing

This section is for quickly removing moisture from wet cassava starch. The equipped machine in this section is flash dryer which has the features of high drying strength, strong evaporation capacity, short drying time and good starch quality. Then the dried starch is packed by semi-automatic packing machine for sale.

cassava starch processing machineCassava starch drying machine

The above is the introduction of the entire cassava starch production line. As a cassava deep processing machine manufacturer, the cassava starch processing machine in Doing Company introduces foreign advanced technology and combines traditional techniques which not only improve the starch extraction rate, but also increase the starch fineness and starch whiteness, and is recognized by market. Should you have any further concerns about cassava starch production line and cassava starch processing machine, welcome to consult our engineer.

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