Potato starch making machinery

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Potato starch making machinery mainly includes the following:

Dry sieve, rotary washing machine, rasper, centrifugal sieve, hydrocyclone system, vacuum filter, air flow flash dryer, starch vibrating screen, automatic packaging machine.

potato starchPotato starch

- Dry sieve & rotary washing machine

Raw material for starch processing is firstly conveyed to dry sieve, and the inner spiral is rotated and rubbed to remove most of the dirt, sand and debris adhered to the surface of potato. Then potato enters the rotary washing machine to further clean and remove the sediment, so that the material can be cleaned throughly by potato starch making machinery.

- Rasper

Washed potato is transported by spiral into rasper for grinding, and the cells destroyed by the mechanical action of the file will release the starch. In order to increase the extraction rate, an advanced grinding machine with a high grinding coefficient is selected. At the same time, the file of the potato starch making machinery must be rinsed with water to remove the starch attached to the slice.

potato starch making machineryStarch washing and grinding machine

- Centrifuge sieve & Desander

A centrifugal sieve is a potato starch making machinery that uses its powerful centrifugal force to separate the fibers and starch in the starch slurry so as to remove fiber impurities. While sand remover removes sand impurities from the starch by specific gravity separation.

- Hydrocyclone station

The hydrocyclone system as a potato starch making machinery for starch concentration, refining and recovering, it has the function of remove impurities such as soluble and insoluble proteins in the starch. Meanwhile it can also recover starch.

potato starch making machineryStarch extraction machine

- Vacuum filter

Vacuum filter uses vacuum negative pressure for starch dehydration. This potato starch making machinery ensures good dehydration effect, wet starch moisture stability.

- Airflow drying

The prepared wet potato starch is pumped to a flash dryer for drying, and its moisture is controlled to be below 14%. Thereafter, the dried large particle material is siefting off by a starch vibrating screen, and 2 to 8 mm of starch powder is prepared by crushing and sieving.

- Automatic packaging machine

According to the user's request, in order to facilitate transportation, the small piece of potato starch is collected and packaged by automatic packaging machine.

potato starch making machineryStarch dewatering and drying machine

1. More effective to improve the cleanliness of starch processing

The planting environment of the potato and the material itself have certain special attributes, and the professional potato starch processing machine can effectively clean the material to ensure that the corresponding starch extraction is more stable, and the surface contaminants can be removed in time. Besides, closed intelligent operation is also realized in the potato starch making machinery design, without manual management. In addition, a variety of methods have been used to circumvent the pollution caused by human factors, so that the materials processed by DOING potato starch making machinery have better cleanliness and hygiene.

potato starch making machineryPotato starch making machinery delivery

2. High efficiency in starch extraction

After the starch is cleaned, a comprehensive grinding and fine processing is required to achieve a better extraction rate of the starch. DOING's stable potato starch making machinery achieves better grinding treatment, and the quality of starch processing and processing extraction rate are higher. In addition, our full hydrocyclone starch extraction process can further recover starch, and the starch extraction rate is higher.

In summary, the application of potato starch making machinery now has an automated disposal process for starch production and processing, and the fully automated operation mode also reduces the labor input of customers. Therefore, the use of this automatic potato starch making machinery undoubtedly improves the craftsmanship level of starch industry. For customers, choosing a professional potato starch making machinery can also improve their starch production capacity as much as possible, and produce higher quality starch.

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