The main machines in highly automated cassava starch processing plant

04-20,2021 / video / Chat online / Leave a message

The main machines of the cassava starch processing plant shown in the video are: cassava cleaning and washing machine (dry sieve and paddle washer), cassava grinding machine (rasper), cassava impurities separating machine (centrifuge sieve and fine fiber sieve), cassava starch extracting machine (hydrocyclone), cassava starch dewatering machine, cassava starch drying machine (flash dryer), and cassava starch sieving machine.

The production process of this cassava starch processing plant is operated by an automatic control system and monitored by computers, so only a few workers are needed in this cassava starch production process. The whole cassava starch production process is highly automated, the production speed is fast, and the finished cassava starch is of good quality.

All cassava starch processing machines in this cassava starch processing plant are provided by Doing Holdings-Henan Jinrui. If you are looking for high-efficiency and highly automated cassava starch processing machine, please leave us your contact information. We will arrange professional project manager to provide you with more details.

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