Cassava starch production plant project

12-10,2020 / video / Chat online / Leave a message

The video is one of the cassava starch production plant projects completed by Doing Holdings-Henan Jinrui in Tanzania. This video shows you the layout of the cassava starch production plant and the main cassava starch processing machines required in the processing of cassava starch.

The cassava starch processing machines you can see in the video are: dry sieve, paddle washing machine, rasper machine, centrifuge sieve, hydrocyclone station, vacuum filter, flash dryer, sifter sieve, packing machine, some conveyor belts and tanks. These machines all are controlled by the PLC control cabinet, so only a few workers are needed to monitor and control the computer.

This cassava starch production line provided by Henan Jinrui for the Tanzanian cassava starch processing plant can realize fully automatic cassava starch processing. In addition, this production line also has the characteristics of large output, convenient maintenance and low energy consumption. If you are looking for efficient and automated cassava starch production line for your cassava starch processing plant, please leave us your contact information. Our engineers and project managers will match you with reasonable cassava starch production line.

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