What are advantages of cassava starch dryer ?

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In cassava starch production process, cassava starch dryer is used to dry the starch to meet market standards and extend the storage time of the starch. As starch production technology advances, cassava starch dryer is also being upgraded. At present, the airflow flash dryer is the most commonly used cassava starch dryer machine. This machine is not only high in efficient, but also has good drying effect. The starch dried by the airflow flash dryer is uniform and stable in moisture which makes it suitable for long-term storage and transportation. Therefore, many users will choose to use such equipment after understanding how to choose cassava flash dryer for cassava processing. So what are the main advantages of cassava starch dryer ?

cassava starch dryerCassava starch dryer

1) Large processing capacity and wide application range

Since the cassava starch dryer is mechanized, its processing capacity of is a very large. And its drying speed is very fast, which normally takes only 2-3 seconds to complete the drying process, greatly improving the efficiency of the whole starch production line. In addition, the cassava starch dryer has a wide range of use, and is suitable for drying various materials with loose shape, small viscosity and finished products as particles or powders, like cassava starch, cassava flour, potato starch, sweet potato starch and so on.

cassava starch dryerCassava starch dryer can be used for potato starch, cassava starch drying

2) High degree of automation, good processing quality

The cassava starch dryer is a highly automatic device, and the automation capability is very high. The whole equipment operation system adopts automatic control, by measuring the temperature difference and moisture, the intake air amount and the feed amount are automatically adjusted to ensure the stable content of starch moisture. When the equipment is subjected to starch drying treatment, the whole starch drying process is carried out in the pipeline, the product is not in contact with the outside, which is non-polluting and environmentally friendly, thereby ensuring the quality of the finished product. Besides, the pipeline of cassava starch dryer is made of stainless steel, providing a clean drying environment for starch drying.

cassava starch dryerCassava starch dryer installation in Nigeria

3) A wide range of heat source selection

Cassava starch dryer can be provided in sets and the range of heat source selection is relatively wide. Coal, fuel oil, battery, hot stove, etc. can be used as its heat sources. And users can add complete sets or other auxiliary equipment according to their actual processing conditions. Moreover, in the choice of processing methods, the cassava flash dryer has strong adaptability, and can be heated by using heat transfer oil or steam and a hot air furnace.

In addition to the above advantages, DOING cassava starch dryer has the characteristics of stable operation, low energy consumption, easy maintenance, and high heat exchange efficiency. And the use of cassava starch dryer for starch drying can save more manpower and time costs. If you want to know more about cassava starch dryer, our engineers are willing to answer your questions.

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