DOING cassava starch processing machine sales to Nigeria

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In July 18, Doing Company finished the manufacture of the complete set of cassava starch processing machine purchased by Nigerian customer. The cassava starch processing machine was shipped from our factory from Qingdao port to Lagos port and finally reaches the customer's cassava starch factory. Below is the equipment packaging and delivery photos:

cassava starch processing machineThe packed cassava starch processing machine

cassava starch processing machineLoading equipment

The customer has been preparing the cassava starch processing plant project for two years and he knows the cassava starch processing technology well. Considering that Chinese cassava starch processing machine is high cost performance, he contacted several Chinese manufacturers to purchase equipment. After comparing, DOING cassava starch processing machine has won the trust of customer with its advanced technology, high degree of automation and high quality. In addition, we have our own equipment manufacturing factory and the price is reasonable.

cassava starch processing machineDOING staffs make sure the equipment lists

The customer purchased the complete set of cassava starch processing machine including dry sieve, paddle washer, rasper, centrifugal sieve, fine fiber sieve, desander, hydrocyclone system, peeler centrifuge, air flow dryer and automatic control system. Doing Company not only provides customers with equipment manufacturing and delivery services, but also provides the customer with a cassava starch project turnkey project. After that, we will send engineers to the customer's factory for equipment installation, commissioning and trial operation.

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