A tapioca peeler machine was orderd by Congo client again!

11-16,2022 / Enterprise news / Chat online / Leave a message

On Sep 29, 2022, a tapioca peeler machine was orderd by Congo client from the Henan Jinrui company again!

This tapioca peeler machine id used to remove the two skins of tapioca for garri, tapioca flour, tapioca starch processing line, etc. It can save labor and promote processing efficiency.

tapioca peeler machineTapioca peeler machine

The Congo client have ordered some tapioca processing machines including a grating machine, dewatering machine, drying machine, etc for his tapioca processing business from Henan Jinrui. Since Henan Jinrui Company provides clients with perfect after-sales service, the company maintains a good relationship with clients. When clients have any questions about running the machine, Jinrui will solve them as soon as possible and provide detailed guidance.

cassava washing and peeling machineTapioca peeling machine from the Henan Jinrui company

Recently, the client said that his tapioca processing business was running well and considering adding machines to increase efficiency and automate production. He was very satisfied with the tapioca processing machine of Henan Jinrui Company, so it became the first choice of Congo clients.

If you also want to start a tapioca processing business and get huge profits, welcome to inquire and customize the best solution and tapioca processing machine!

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