Uganda client purchased 1TPH cassava peeling machine was delivered from Jinrui

09-16,2022 / Enterprise news / Chat online / Leave a message

On Sep 16, 2022, the Uganda client purchased 1t per hour cassava peeling machine was delivered from Henan Jinrui's factory.

The cassava peeling machine is used to be remove the two skins of cassava for garri and cassava flour processing line. The cassava peeling machine adopts sand roller design to ensure the food safety. And the peeling rate can reach 96%.

cassava peeling machine1t per hour cassava peeling machine

During the delivering, Jinrui will use the spare material of the melamine spange produced by our company and wooden case for packaging to ensure that the machine will not be damaged in the process of transportation. The cassava peeling machine will be shipped from Qingdao Port to the destination of the client’s country by sea. After receiving it, the client only needs to put the machine inthe appropriate position and plug it in to use.

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