Henan Jinrui received an order on the group of gary processing machinery from a Guyanese client

11-11,2023 / Enterprise news / Chat online / Leave a message

On November 3rd, Henan Jinrui received an order on our group of gary processing machinery from a Guyanese client. The group of gary processing machinery he ordered includes a manioc peeler, a cassava grater, a garri hydraulic press, a garri fryer, a fine milling machine and a powder generator, suitable for small scale gary processing project.

the group of gary processing machineryThe group of gary processing machinery

This Guyanese client, who currently works as a chemical professor in the Canada, has expressed a strong desire to invest in the gary processing business in his hometown of Guyana to and help his hometown out of poverty. As a beginner in small scale gary processing business, he cares most about the quality of the gary machinery. To dispel his worries, our sales manager conducted multiple video calls with the Guyanese client. During these calls, the features of our gary processing machinery were showcased, and a virtual tour of our workshop was provided. Additionally, we shared local project cases of small scale gary processing line to give the client a better understanding of our capabilities and expertise.

gary processing machinery in henan jinrui factoryGary processing machinery in Henan Jinrui's factory

Finally, the Guyana client was greatly satisfied with the manufacturing technology and design details of our gary processing machinery. Furthermore, the successful operation of other clients’ small scale gary processing lines, which we shared as references, further solidified the client’s confidence in our company. As a result, the client decided to place an order with us, and we are proud to have met and exceeded his expectations.

We, Henan Jinrui, here are excited to announce that we are open to visitors who are interested in gary processing machinery and involving in garri processing business in Guyana. We invite you to visit our workshop and witness the manufacturing process firsthand. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to see the quality of our machines and the dedication of our team! Warmly welcome every interested chat with us!

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