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The introduction of rasper

Rasper is extensively used in the starch processing industry whose main purpose is for the grinding of the materials. In the process of cassava processing, rasper is the key equipment which determines the extraction rate. As a important cassava grinding machine, the quality of rasper not only plays a key role in the cassava processing and but also directly affects the yield of starch.

cassava starch processing machineRasper for cassava grinding

The structure of rasperfor cassava grinding machine

The structure of this cassava grinding machine is quite simple and it mainly consists of a shell rotor, a sieve, a motor and so on. The basic shell structure, a tool roll rotary body with bearing and a motor drive unit, all the components are assembled into one compact device-rasper. The upper part of the machine case has sharp teeth, which is used to grind cassava, while the lower part is full of sieve mesh to filter the cassava slurry.

The technical parameters of DOING rasper

Model CM-250 CM-300 CM-350 CM-500 CM-600
Rotor width(mm) 250 300 350 500 600
Power(kw) 7.5-15 55-90 110-132 160-200 200-250
Weight(kg) 1500 2700 3200 3800 4500
Capacity(t/h) ≤6 ≤12 ≤20 ≤30 40

cassava processing machine Cassava crushing section design

The working principle of rasper

When the rasper working, the rotor with the blade uniformly arranged rotates at a high speed, driving the blade to scrape and shock the cassava so as to break the cassava. Thus the starch granules inside the cell walls of cassava cells are released and the binding starch is transformed into free starch. Besides, the blade is clamped in the cutter slot by the clamp, and under the action of high speed force, the blade is tightly clamped in the cutter slot without flying out. The rasper in Doing Company fully absorbs the international advanced technology which ensures a higher breakage rate and extraction rate. This cassava grinding machine is designed with two-way grinding which make a fully grinding for cassava. The breakage rate of radper in Doing Company is above 94%.


The features of DOING rasper

1.The bidirectional grinding design of this cassava grinding machine ensures a higher grinding coefficient so that the starch yield is higher.

2.The stainless steel is adopts for the contact material parts of the rasper so that the material will not get polluted and thus ensures a higher quality of the final cassava starch.

3.The rasper adopts the Sweden SKF bearing which makes the machine more sturdy and durable.

4.Another important features of this rasper is that it uses Germany Optibelt. This is a cog belt, compared with traditional belt, this service life of this belt is longer, so is the rasper.

5.The backing screen of this machine is easy to change, and the design of the clamping device is simple so that it is easy to operate the machine.

cassava grinding machine Cassava crushing machine-rasper

The advantages of the rasper

1.Low energy consumption and smooth operation.

2.High grinding effect, the cassava breakage rate is above 94%.

3.The simple structure of this machine make it easy to install and maintain.

4.Modern design and compact structure.

5.Double grinding structure ensures high grinding efficiency.

6.The stainless steel material ensures the rasper wear resistant and long service life.

7.Unique clamping device for sieve mesh, easy to operate.

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