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The introduction of vacuum filter

Vacuum filter is an advanced and reliable machine which can realize continuous operation of the solid-liquid separation. It can offer continuous dehydration processing for corn starch, potato starch, cassava starch and other starch, and reduce the water content of the dewatered starch to satisfy the demands of the next step of production process. Therefore it is widely used in potatoes, sweet potatoes, cassava and other starch production in the process of dehydration technology of starches. Its principle is to use the filter cloth as a filter medium, at the same time, using the vacuum negative pressure and gravitational interactions between the solid and liquid material to achieve rapid separation. This working principle replaces the previous heavy dehydrator, which is more convenient to operate, saves time and effort, and has many other advantages such as low vibration noise.

cassava processing machineVacuum filter

The technical parameters of DOING vacuum filter

Model XDL04 XDL06 XDL12 XDL16 XDL20 XDL24 XDL30
Filter area(m²) 4 6 12 16 20 24 30
Vacuum degree(MPa) 0.04-0.08 0.01-0.08 0.04-0.08 0.04-0.08 0.04-0.08 0.04-0.08 0.04-0.08
Capacity(t/h) 1 1.5 3 4 6 8 12
Power(kw) 2.2+0.75 2.2+0.75 3+1.1 5.5+1.1 5.5+1.5 7.5+1.5 7.5+2.2
Max rotary speed(r/min) 11 11 11 11 11 11 11
Weight(kg) 1300 1500 2800 3100 3500 5000 6500

The working principle of vacuum filter

The belt is continuously operated by the variable frequency motor driven by the reducer. The filter cloth runs synchronously with the motor by the friction with the belt. When the drum rotates, due to the vacuum effect, pressure difference is formed inside and outside of the drum which makes the starch adsorbed on the filter cloth. And the liquid flows through the vacuum pipe along the filter cloth to the gas-liquid separation tank. Through the continuous process of pumping air into vacuum state, the starch adsorbed on the drum is dried and forms a filter cake. And then the filter cake is discharged from the filter cloth through the scraper device, thus the separation is completed. By introducing the advanced technology from home and abroad, DOING vacuum filter can make the moisture content of wet starch lower than 38% after dehydration.

cassava machineCassava dewatering machine design sketch

The features of DOING vacuum filter

1.Vacuum sealed structure. In order to improve the dewatering efficiency of starch, and to ensure the cleaness of starch in the dehydrating process, DOING vacuum filter adoptes vacuum sealed structure to design and manufacture of starch dewatering machine.

2.High degree of automation. Materials that need to be dehydrated can achieve continuous automatic production from feeding to dehydrating and washing process.

3.The vacuum filter adopts modular detachable frame structure, which ensures the dewatering machine is easy to install and maintain.

4. The The rotating drum speed can frequency control. And the cleaning of the drum is using intermittent automatic flushing.

5.The vacuum filter is pneumatic controlled scraping blade discharging and the scraper is made of high hardness alloy.

6.The filter tank is equiped with automatic reciprocating agitator which can effectively prevent starch sank to the bottom.

cassava dewatering machineVacuum filter for cassava starch dewatering

The advantages of vacuum filter

1. Running continuously and have characteristics of high filter speed and easy maintenance.

2.The material is made of high quality stainless steel, which has strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

3. The vacuum dewatering machine is designed with reasonable structure, which has better washing effect and higher solid-liquid separation efficiency.

4. Strong production capacity and reduce the labor intensity.

5. The water content of wet starch is stable which is lower than 38% after dewatering.

6.Working without noise and good work continuity.

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