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The introduction of hydrocyclone station

The hydrocyclone station is a key equipment in cassava starch production. It has three uses. The first one is concentration:  in this process, it mainly used for concentrating the cassava starch milk and separating the cell fluid from cassava. Then is washing: this process is mainly used to remove impurities such as fiber, protein, and soluble impurities from cassava starch milk. And the last one is recycling: in the process of starch washing, the overflowing from the top stage should be discharged. Before discharging, it should be recycled to separate out the small amount of starch, so as to achieve the effect of recycling.

cassava starch machineHydrocyclone station for cassava starch processing

The structure and working principle of hydrocyclone station

The hydrocyclone station is composed of a shell cyclone, a blind pipe, a orifice plate and a cover. There are three Chambers: feed chamber, top flow chamber and bottom flow chamber. The cyclone pipe is also a kind of small separator, because of their small processing capacity,  they are the arranged on the orifice plate in rows.

The hydrocyclone station is composed of six to twelve units connected in series. The number of hydrocyclone can be designed according to customer's requirements. It mainly consists of three chambers and dozens to hundreds of cyclone and slurry pumps. In cassava starch production, starch milk enters from upper vortex tube cutting at high speed, under the effect of the high speed rotating centrifugal force, the solid particles flow down to the bottom with stream flow. The discharged stream mixes with the overflow of the next level and goes into the next level of cyclone, starch milk is fed from first stage then conveyed through each stage in sequence, it is finally discharged from the last stage. While the washing water is fed from the last stage and backflows in sequence until to the first stage. Then finally overflows there and discharging the impurities such as protein small fiber. By adopting the countercurrent washing principle, it not only save water for the cassava starch production but makes the products meet national standards.

cassava starch machineHydrocyclone station

The technical parameters of DOING hydrocyclone station

Model DYX-362 DYX-438 DYX-516
Capacity(t/h) 3-4 5-6 7-8
Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Plate diameter(mm) 362 362 516
Power(kw/stage) 7.5-11 11-22 15-37
Weight(kg) 360 520 630
Note: stage number and power of pump depends on actual situation of the production line

cassava starch machineHydrocyclone station design drawing

The features of Hydrocyclone station

1.The hydrocyclone pipe is made from strengthened nylon which is sturdy and durable.

2.The stainless steel material prevents material from contaminating and improve the starch quality.

3.The hydrocyclone technology of Doing Company ensures the cassava starch meet national standard.

4.The cyclone chamber uses the best sealing material to avoid material leakage.

5.Countercurrent washing process design can effectively reduce the less loss of wet starch.

6.Single hydrocyclone combination system is adopted to facilitate replacement and save cost.

7. The multi-stage washing can effectively remove the protein content in the cassava starch production which can ensures the whiteness of the final cassava starch.

hydrocyclone unitCassava starch hydrocyclone station

The advantages of hydrocyclone station for cassava starch production

1. Running stable, easy to operate.

2. Computer designed internal structure which is beautiful and elegant.

3. The equipment surface is treated in a special process which is oil and dirt resistance.

4. The unique system design,  high-energy and high efficiency.

5. The table control system of hydrocyclone station ensures high starch quality.

6. The compact structure of this mcahine covers only a small area.


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