Feedback video of Heilongjiang 2tph potato starch processing plant

11-16,2022 / video / Chat online / Leave a message

Are you looking for a working video of a potato starch processing plant that has already started production? Because you want to know how the machine you purchased was laid out and put into production. If so, you can get the answers you want to know from this article.

This video shows the production process of a 2tph potato starch processing plant. The production steps of potato starch include: potato cleaning, potato crushing, fiber screening, starch refining and purification, drying, screening and packaging. The use of the hydrocyclone station can effectively remove the fine fibers, protein and cell fluid in the starch milk, so as to ensure the production of high quality and high whiteness of potato starch.

Don't know how to start a potato starch processing plant? What should be considered when setting up a potato starch processing plant? How much budget does it take to set up a potato starch processing plant? Welcome to contact Henan Jinrui to get detailed answers.

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