How to process potato starch with machines?

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Modern potato starch processing machine adopts wet grinding method to fully automate the production line of potato starch from washing potatoes to drying them. With Henan Jinrui's potato starch processing machine, you can produce high-quality potato starch in less than 30 minutes.

The production of potato starch consists of three main parts:

Firstly, potato cleaning section. In this video, the fresh potato is firstly be transported into a dry sieve through belt conveyor, here it will remove attached impurities. Then it goes into a rotary washing machine, where it can completely wash all impurities on potatoes.

Next, potato processing section. Put the cleaned potatoes into a rasper for crushing to obtain potato slurry. Then it enters the centrifuge sieve to extract and separate the starch and fiber in the potato slurry step by step. The separated potato slurry is passed through a multi-step desander to remove the fine sand in the potato slurry. The potato slurry after desanding enters the hydrocyclone station to extract fiber, protein and cell sap in the starch milk, and concentrates and purifies it step by step.

Finally, potato drying section. The purified potato starch milk is subjected to vacuum filter to complete solid-liquid separation, and becomes potato starch with a moisture index of about 40%. The wet potato starch is quickly dried by a flash dryer and then sieved through a vibration sieve. Finally, the finished potato starch will be packaged through a packaging machine for sale or storage.

Henan Jinrui can provide complete potato starch processing machine at factory price. If you want to start potato starch processing business, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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