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The introduction of fine fiber sieve

Fine fiber sieve is a kind of low speed centrifuge sieve which is mainly used used to separate fine fiber from starch slurry during starch production process. It usually be used after the centrifuge sieve in the starch production line to further remove the fine fiber. This machine mainly takes use of low centrifugal force and gravity of starch slurry to achieve the separation function. The application range of fine fiber sieve is very wide, it is widely used in sweet potato starch, cassava starch, wheat starch and other starch production enterprises.

cassava starch processing machineDOING fine fiber sieve

The structure and working principle of fine fiber sieve

The structure of fine fiber sieve is simple. It is mainly composed of drum, tank, bracket, upper cover, drive system, feed system, backwash system and spray system. When working, the starch slurry pumped by the starch pump enters the feed end of the drum through the feed inlet. The drum consists of a bottom screen frame and a surface screen.The drum is driven by the drive system to rotate at a constant speed, thus driving the material to move on the screen of the drum. Under the effect of spray water flushing, the starch of small particles enters the slurry collection tank through the surface screen and is discharged from the collection port. While the fine fiber and other impurities which can not pass through the screen, stay on the screen and discharge from the slag outlet. Thus the separation of cassava starch and fine fiber is completed. The whole drum part depends on the support of the drum bracket part which has the function of automatic centering. In the process of separating fine fiber from starch, there is a backwashing system outside the drum. The nozzle keeps spraying the back of the mesh to ensure that the blocked surface is washed in time.

The accumulated fine fiber is then washed away, so as to ensure the permeability of the screen. DOING fine fiber sieve is made of titanium mesh which can ensure the mesh thinner. And the screen is the fictitious graticule structure, so that the big particles is separated, and the fineness of the final cassava starch is then be guaranteed.

Fine fiber sieve

The technical parameters of DOING fine fiber sieve

Model Drum diameter(mm) Main shaft speed(r/min) Power(kw) Dimension(mm) Weight(t) Capacity(t/h) Roller Length(mm)
DYXS-100 1005 21 3.0 4300*1380*1610 2.5 2-4 3300
DYXS-2*95 950 21 2.2*2 6000*1550*2300 3.8 3-6 5000

The advantages of fine fiber sieve

1.Cleaning operation environment. All parts of contact materials are made of stainless steel to ensure that the materials are free from external pollution.

2.Beautiful and durable. The fine fiber sieve adopts the stainless steel woven screen structure which is beautiful and durable.

3.Oil resistant and dirty proof. The appearance of the equipment adopts advanced surface treatment technology, beautiful and generous, oil&dirty resistant.

4. Large capacity of the whole machine, low power configuration.

5.Stable operation, easy installation and maintenance.

cassava processing machineFine fiber sieve for cassava starch processing

The features of DOING fine fiber sieve

1.The screen is made of titanium plate which not only ensures longer service life but also guarantee the fineness of the cassava starch.

2.Fine fiber sieve is designed with automatic front and back washing system so that it can ensure the penetration of the screen mesh.

3.This machine can achieve the continuous production so that the whitness of the cassava starch can be guaranteed.

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